FreeMan Society of Canada


Requirements,Obligations to be a -Citizen of The FreeMan Society of Canada


1st - You must not be Employed by any Government Agency - Federal,Provincial,Municipal.
          be on Welfare.or receiving any benefits from any Government Agency of Canada.This
          prevents said agencies from claiming power or rule over your freedoms or actions.
          On the Continent of North America in the Country of Canada.To maintain a non-consent
          Posture as to the Governments Rule - Powers, to Judge,question,approach,demand,
          any reasons,answers to your Decision to Claim your Rights , under and on behalf of,
          for the Purpose to Maintain Self Rule Under,on behalf  of all members and families of                 The FreeMan Society of Canada to promote freedom, truth, peace and abundance in
          Common Law Jurisdiction. Which makes you  Free Men on the Land, and not Subjected
          to any --Statues, Bylaws, Rules of  any Governments of Canada or Agencies there in,
          This action Prevents any Government or their Agencies claiming you as a ,Dependent,
          Liability,Numbered Individual, Child of the Province.Employee, Agent or Governed Agent
          of a Corporation or Corporate Entity ,or a Fictitious Persons name and numbers that can
          be used to infringe on your Claim of Rights and  Freedoms under God and Country. 

           Deny ,do not consent to the use of the Family name to be used by anyone as a Title, 

2nd - Denounce,cancel your Social Insurance Card ( S.I.N. Number )  by not consenting to
           to have a Numerical Tag and Capitalized Version of your Family Name (Natural). or
           any of your Private Information being used, for any reason by said Agencies.Doing this        
           is Lawful and any refusal by any aforementioned Entities is tantamount  to Slavery  and       
           unconsented subjugation and by refusing  them access to your name. You have in one        
           or more ways Prevented said Entities from claiming  or assuming in any way your  a              
           Corporation or Corporate Entity ,having a Fictitious Person associated,or tied to your           
           Natural Born Human Being . This Lawful action automatically and unquestionably
           stops, prevents, The Federal Government of Canada and  any of its Agencies claiming
           you in part or whole as an Active Agent or any kind of Entity which can be controlled ,
           manipulated ,forced ,coerced,or to be judged under court rule for any reason . and the         
           use of any of the numeral characters on the Canceled SIN Card are for informational use    
           only and in no way can be construed as an obligation,consent or action that contravenes     
           any of your Rights or Freedoms under God and Common Law Jurisdiction.and that no          
           attachments,levies, taxes,or any other instruments or devices of  value,shall be               
           applied. Also let it be known and understood by aforementioned entities that the use of          
           said numerical characters or any numerical characters can not be construed or  implied       
           as a fraud or malicious behaviour as long as it is stated or explained that these and all         
           numerical numbers being used are for informational purposes only .Also remember this.

             The Bank of Canada/IMF purchased your birth certificate as a bond when you were born, the reason that you have a S.I.N. is because the government of Canada doesn’t own rights to your Birth Certificate so they need another way to apply debt to you.

  Keep your Live Bith Certifcate close it is worth a lot of money,and its the only proof you are a live natural born human/person.really,That name on the other Birth Certificate is your Corporation or Corporate Person and because of that bond on you they presume that you are a public employee,SERVANT and then they create by that Title/name - A joiner to you the natural born person and the public employee,SERVANT. then they have power over you as that public employee,SERVANT, making you a servant a govnered.subjugated entity, then they have power over you.and you will do what they tell you to or your in trouble,once they take control of you they are your MASTERS and YOU the SERVANT/SLAVE and they can do or charge you with anything they want,fines,or jail whatever????But that is what you really are to their corporate person and the government /courts,,,a agent ,governed, subjugated,citizen.under their person you are not a shareholder, not a administrator and not the sole beneficiary of their corporate entity,which means they control it,that title/name is theirs to control not you,you don't have any say as to that corporate fiction ,its their corporation to control .but you are not that person never at any time remember your name on the live birth certificate is proof you you are a live natural born person which they never ever want you to know about,they like you dumbed down and stupid ,about the TRUTHS .the joiner to you can only happen if you let them  presume you are under their Title and name the employee,servant OHH they are sneaky,deceptive,dishonest..this is how they have been enslaving ,everyone,and empowering themselfs.if at any time you  go to court , bring your LIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE do not cross into the front the court, stay in the public part of the court room,if they offer you to enter their side of the court, refuse say no thanks i am fine here,never take a command to sit down,or any order.if you do go over there you loose, you have given them power over you ,be brave really brave because you own the Family name on your your LIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE THAT'S YOU and you are the sole  shareholder,administrator,and  the sole beneficiary no one else can claim they own your bond-on either of the birth certificates.they just control the Title/name of that corporate fiction.,it was given to you as your share of the common wealth of canada and they use your corporations money to fund all public works, everything is paid by our bonds, and everybody has a bond on them,everybody owns a corporation,then quickly  say  is everyone working in this court a public servant,because i am the sole shareholder,administrator and the sole beneficiary of this corporation entity on my LIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE and that is where you have taken the power from the courts and regained your freedom,now you have the power,,that you are not their person .and no matter how many times they ask,,,,you are never their corporate entity,,,and ALWAYS HAVE the live birth certifcate on you that way they can never create joiner to you the natural born man.the charges against their PERSON WILL BE DISSMISSED since they really can't do anthing to a Fictitiuos Entity their Corporate Person they could not prove you being an Employee,servant,read this understand this.remember what i printed up in the other paragraphs if you work for the government you cannot do this,because you are an employee but say you are on unemployment benefits then that proves you are not an employee you are unemployed,see what I mean but make sure you follow my words exactly .you will walk out a free man/woman.If you are Performing a Function of Government you can not do any of the above procedures.the drivers licence,sin number card,car registry/plate on your car OR ANY other GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS THAT THEY ISSUE TO YOU.are all joiners to their corporate entity ITS THEIR WAY OF PRESUMING YOU ARE A EMPLOYEE/SERVANT/.PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS STUFF AND VIEW THE VIDEOS. Then you make your own decessions,
 (  ) also Dean Clifford on Youtube
   ( ) if you understand what he's saying then you will get the truths.THEN YOU WILL BE AWKENED AND IF YOU SO CHOOSE FREE AS IN REAL


3rd - With Honor ,Truth,Trust , Pledge under your Membership as a Citizen of our Justifiable
          formed Society -        The FreeMan Society of  Canada in the Country of Canada
          That  you Follow and Adhere to  Common Law Jurisdiction in Canada?  and around
          the world. That you know and accept that you are not above,beyond the Common Laws
           of the Land in which you reside.Let It Be Stated and Be Realized and Truly Honored
          All Men are Equal , all shall have an Opinion ,and shall be heard on any Circumstance
          All Women are equal ,and held at high esteem,for they are bearers of life ,Conception of Man
          All Citizens that are in HONOR .Will be Supported and all Resolved in their Favor .
          All Citizens that are in Dishonor .Will be Corrected and resolved back to Honor
          That no one shall interfere ,coerce ,force ,threaten ,insult  anyone in HONOR
          All involved parties ,contracts,agreements must be resolved Based on COMMON LAW
          The Duty of All Members ,to solve all problems ,reasonably,honorably,truthfully.
          All Citizens Possessions , Property , Materials shall be protected at all times, from
          theft,destruction,confiscation.or borrowed in any way without consent of the owner.
          All Citizens have the right to believe in what they want to believe in. no limitations,
          and nobody should be harassed ,judged,exploited ,demoralized for their believes
          No one should force,compel,coerce, their religion or cults on any Man,Women or
          Child. anyone doing so without consent and agreement, will be in Dishonor.
          Worshipping one or all Gods,Deities, in a Congregation,groups,celebration is
          good and wholesome,as long as it does not interfere in others wants,needs,     
          peace ,liberties or  freedoms.

         There is one Golden Rule of Common Law  'DO NO HARM'

4th -Be informed about all the facts and if you catch what's going on, be the change True Freedom needs you.our land needs you,our future needs you, we have to show them the error of their ways,that all the deception ,not disclosing all the facts and  what they get you to do freely ????and  voluntarily ???????.They have not been honest in any way,shape or form. So once it is known to you what they have done or what they are doing.does any of those contracts stand in honor ?? no of course not ,the facts are self evident.I'm Mad really Pissed off...We have been lied to totaly,hoodwinked,scamed,ripped off,fracked over,,money is their God and people will do anything for their God, Their religion is power,control,deception,the unspoken words,the unspoken truths,the ploys they use to keep you in the dark.dumbed down,uninformed.ignorent to the facts and for the last 70-80 years deceptive years it has been workin.for them.but many of  US are AWAKE and many are WAKING UP.and WE ARE THE PEOPLE  WE HAVE THE POWER all the natural born men women and children of the world.The deceivers are nothing without us and We are,can and will be everything without them.Yes we have been totaly sucked in.BUT up front they Preach be good conform,be honest do as your told. why is that ???? they get the Corporations  to be honest in contracts,agreements and such but you know in you heart that they have been cheating you ,your loving parents and grandparenst,your freinds,everyone.REMEMBER THIS!!!!! We are many they are few,We are MANKIND and when WE ALL WAKE UP - THEY WILL BE PUT TO SLEEP and hopefully  the next time around they will not get the chance.because we still have a next if we just ALL WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch Dean Clifford on Youtube.. and watch the guy on youtube  that stays in the public gallery does not sit down learn from this maintains his position as the administrator of the corporate person that he is not that person( freeman in court - judge bows to Sovereign - Canada this guy proves right there what those frackers are all about--LOOK-LISTEN-LEARN-WIN                     (  )

 ( ) The best explainations ever .   

Lawyers have a procedure under their law society when they represent you in court they bring you in there and in one way or another ,they represent you as a public employee .they do not work for you and are setting you up as what role you are in, as the governed,subject, they will do this every time to you .they work for the LAW SOCIETY and that society works for Corporation of Canada,so if you see the deception they are putting on you .then you can beat them at their own game.that's just one fact I know but that is all it takes ????so knowing this do you think that any contract they have made with you is valid or on your behalf is valid..ask them and watch them lie right to your face.its all a frackin con job to be in control of you the natural born man placing you under control of the courts you poor   subjugated dumbed down slave.. LOL but If you like playing that role in life good luck to ya ,