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Important Freeman On The Land Definitions And Information

Being a freeman on the Land is something that most of you have probably never heard of, but you should have. A freeman on the land is someone in a common law jurisdiction who lawfully refuses giving consent to be governed, therefore no statutory obligations or restrictions apply to that man or woman. No statute or act of government applies to a freeman on the land. By not consenting to be governed a freeman on the land is no longer eligible for the benefits of being a governed member of society, things like employment insurance, vehicle insurance and registration, welfare, government health insurance, and any other government system do not apply to a freeman on the land, but the benefits are easy to see.


I think most of us agree that there is massive amounts of corruption within governments and within our own government. Becoming aware of just how far the deception goes is an Important part of taking back your personal freedoms and claiming your rights as a human being. You will notice that lawyers and judges are all members of what is called the Law Society. The law society is extremely deceptive to the common man because they use words that the common man uses in every day language but they mean something different. They use this tactic to trick the common man into giving his/her consent to be governed.

Here is some Important freeman on the land definitions and Information that you may find surprising.

What is Common Law?

The unwritten Law of the Common man.

Comes directly from higher self/conscience/intuition.

Religious codes of conduct (example: the ten commandments)

Summed up as ‘Harm None’

These Laws are for Man and protect

That which is lawful

Law of the Land

Almost universal, worldwide

Protects those whose Rights have been infringed upon

Crime with a Victim

What is a Statute?


 A law enacted by the legislative branch of a government

An act of a corporation or its founder intended as a permanent rule

An international instrument setting up an agency and regulating its scope or authority

A statute is a legislative act of a society


Formal written agreement which governs a country or state

Something that has the ‘force of law’ or color of law - a  term color of denotes the “mere semblance of legal right”, the “ pretense or appearance of” right; hence, an action done under color of law                                                                                     

Almost always comes with a monetary ‘Charge’

These Laws are on man and restrict freedoms also Statutes,Bylaws,Regulations,Rules

That which is legal     which applies to governed or consenting subjects of slavery or bondage of any kind: political or intellectual servitude


Act in the law:

An Act that is intended to create, transfer, or extinguish a right and that is effective in law for that purpose; the exercise of a legal power. a legal event

Act of the law:

The creation, extinction, or transfer of a right by the operation of the law itself, without any consent on the part of the persons involved.

Commercial law


Maritime admiralty law

Law of trade

Law of the sea

Do you know your rights?

 You are Born Equal and Free (and Equality Before the Law is Paramount)

You have the Right to Life, Freedom and Security

You have the Right to Trial by Jury of Peers

You have the Right to Bodily Integrity

You have the Right to Travel Freely

You have the Right to Freedom of Expression

You have the Right to Freedom of Assembly

You have the Right to Freedom of Association

You have the Right to Religious Liberty

You have the Rights of the Family

You have the Right to inviolability of your Dwelling or Home -secure from assault or trespass

 secure from violation or profanation - unassailable - protection, safety, sanctitas

You have the Right to Privacy - To be separated from the rest and not be infringed upon

Here are some important facts and definitions:

Person: -Corporate Entity -a Fictitious Entity  Placed on every new born infant as a Birth Certificate        which also gives ownership of the new born infant  ( body and soul )  to the Corporation of Canada.  putting the new born child in debt to that Fictitious Person a Corporate Entity which  then    borrows under line of credit, then those borrowed funds are invested in stocks and bonds  then      put on the Stock Exchange and Traded.   the amount borrowed could be up to $1,000,000                 As the Corporation of Canada is Bankrupt and in perpetual debt  to its creditors, it promises             to give all revenue such as taxes and whatever is made off that new born infant during its entire       life, a life of debt and charges and all the money made from the stock exchange is used to pay      whatever costs   the Corporation of Canada may incur as operating costs  such as payments to    the Provinces or municipalities but remember that a good proportion is made off the all the Birth     Certificates and I  have doughts that very few are ever paid off,which is why the Country of Canada  also known as The Corporation of Canada is always in perpetual debt. So now you know how you   have a Person a Corporate Entity in which you are perpetually in debt to ,why you pay Taxes on everything under the sun from wages to fishing license etc  to all the permits  you have to pay for      then there is taxes on everything you own the cars,boats,house.cottage,land,or any service they        may provide you such as garbage,sewage,water. all taxed. fuel,oil,sales tax.on merchandise and    disposal taxes on electronic gear,tires etc.they have a tax on everything you have, you do,may want to do, your pets,then there is alcohol,cigarettes,gambling,sure you think that they do not tax gambling but think of this, you may win a $100-$1000 and they do not ask for a tax, or claim it,if you  think about how much money you gambled  to win that money you probably spent 800 to win a 100 or 5000 to win a 1000 ,you see you already paid your taxes.Think about it they have a tax or charge to go with everything and anything you do,want,need to live , or enjoy life .As a last thought     on the Person: -Corporate Entity -your  Fictitious Person- Entity . They state that you get to enjoy the benefits that comes along with being a citizen of Canada - Corporation of Canada. Well if you add up all the taxes,charges as described above,Fees,sale tax and every hidden tax they are not      telling you they got,you will have paid for them ten times over. They are a Corporation their job is to make money for their stock holders and debtors and since giving you anything for free is not making money,Well welcome to the real World of The Corporate Government  and their  money        lending Masters who probably do not even live or are part of our Country but they OWN you and        everything around you.All Thanks to the last 80 years of mismanagement,payoffs,bribes, and            what ever it took turn our Government of Canada  into ,cheating,conniving,goofs, and Politicians so happy to go along with a corrupt setup  that in many ways enslaves,subjugates, controls, the       very people they swear to protect  and best of all you are not worth anything but the taxes and the      charges,fees they get out of you during your life.and the only thing that has value and is not in debt     is your PERSON ,your Straw Man, your Corporate Fictitious Entity that is being traded on          stock exchanges world wide  since the day you were born..... 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a person.

Counties and cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation. However, corporations, counties and cities cannot have the emotions of humans such as malice, and therefore are not liable for punitive damages unless there is a statute authorizing the award of punitive damages.


A Society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent.

Societies are either incorporated and known to the law or un-incorporated, of which the law does not generally take notice.

A civil society is usually understood as a state, a nation or a political body.

In civil law society means a partnership.


A freeman possesses and enjoys all civil and political rights under a free government

Not a slave.or governed by anyone in any way what so ever 

You may notice that the definition of the word “person” means a corporation. When you go to court you are acting as an agent representing that corporation which was created with a similar name to your own near the time of your birth. The only way that a statute or piece of legislation can affect you is if you agree to represent that person or corporation. Have you ever noticed that whenever you receive something from the government, the bank, the credit companies, insurance companies, or any other legal entity they spell your name with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? That name is not you, it is the name of your person. This is one of the most important things to come to terms with when trying to take back your freedoms. Remember that you are not a person, you have a person.

Please remember if they ask you your name.tell them your - nick name - or a shortened version of your first name.then tell them you do not have a last name but you have a Family name, then tell what your Family name is then spell it out to them. Capitalize only the first     letter and small letters after that. this will stop them connecting to their Fictitious name they  call a PERSON and never say you understand it really means that you stand under them   SAY no i do not understand remember (you do not understand ) because if you do then you given them contract to govern you. if they arrest you and give your rights like (anything you say can and will be used againist in a court of law.THEN THEY say do you UNDERSTAND -      WHAT EVER YOU DO  -- SAY ANYTHING NOT ONE WORD because if you say NO even  that will give them  POWER and REASON to take you to court. REMEMBER THIS do not  say anything after that  dont talk, dont ask any questions,and if they give you a ticket and they will not let you go until you sign it  -  SAY I SIGN THIS UNDER DURESS,and WITHOUT  CONSENT AND PRINT THAT ON THE TICKET NEXT TO YOUR NAME but make sure you     sign your name last and the under duress and I do not consent statement first I hope you see what I mean.

birth certificate is a negotiable instrument

A birth certificate is a negotiable instrument, a registered security, a stock certificate evidencing, or representing, the preferred stock of the corporation and against which you are the surety; it is a pedigree chattel document establishing the existence of your straw man, a distinct artificial person with a fictitious name; it is a document of title to a straw man; it is a warehouse receipt for your body; delivery receipt; industrial bond between you (flesh-and-blood man or woman) and the industrial society and corporate Government (artificial person). In Canada, the original birth certificate is generally created at the PROVINCIAL level (in rare instances city level) via birth documents from the hospital (for which the hospital receives $$$ from the PROVINCE for causing the registration of the birth) and passed to the Provincial and Federal levels, and likely elsewhere. Per the definition of “birth” above, the document references both the newborn and the straw man. Certified copies of the birth certificate may be obtained at the Vital Statistics Office. Your birth certificate is one of the kinds of security instruments used by the Government to obtain loans from its creditor, under which it is bankrupt. According to a researcher who worked on a research project for one of the world’s largest brokerage houses he discovered that in the year 1936 each birth certificate was assigned a value of $???,000.00. The investigative journalist’s report confirms that (new) birth certificates  today carry a value of $1,000,000.00 and that upon notification of the receipt ofa new birth certificate at the Ministry of Finance, it takes out a loan for $1-million and purchases a bond, then invests the funds in either the stock market or bond market. The collateral for the loan for the bond issued against the birth certificate is you; i.e. your body, labor, and property. A man who obtained his original birth certificate from the Department of Commerce some years ago via a Freedom of Information Act request reported the endorsements of 17 different foreign countries thereon. There may also be other types of birth documents used by the Government, or others, to obtain loans/credit.


Claim of Right on Security of the Person Stock in the Corporation of Canada


Claim of Right on Security of the Person Stock in the Corporation of Canada


DATE: _____________

I, _____________________________________, a Human Being in a Common Law jurisdiction, born in__________________________ on or about the___th day in the month of __________ in the year ______________ to _____________________ and ________________________ have the ability and power to establish rights by use of a Claim of Right.

I do hereby claim that among my rights are all of the following:

1. I claim the right to an education.

2. I claim the right to use the funds either in my bond (evidenced by the bond tracking number on the Birth Certificate issued to me by the government) or to use the funds generated by the bond to either pay off any loans if I do have any, or to pay directly for my wellbeing

3. I Claim the right to hold on to my own security of the person stock in the Corporation of Canada.

4. I claim the right to use the funds in the bond or revenue generated by those funds to pay for food and shelter and any other rights recognized by the United Nations.

5. I claim the right to fire any one acting as a fiduciary over my bond if they fail to acknowledge all rights herein claimed.

6. I claim the right to revoke or deny consent to be represented and in doing so free myself from all statutory obligations and restrictions, if doing so is, in my opinion, in my best interest.

7. I claim the right to direct my fiduciary as to what to do with the revenue generated by my bond, provided the directives are a benefit to my society and me.

8. I claim the right to order and direct my federal representatives to transfer directly to me funds and moneys which they would normally transfer to my provincial representatives in the absence of any directives, if doing so is, in my opinion, in my best interest.

9. I claim The right to order my fiduciary to pay to me directly quarterly for food and shelter and any other rights recognized by the United Nations

10. I claim these right Under Section 337

These Rights are hereby lawfully claimed and are established as Law thirty days hence.

Any and all concerned parties wishing to discuss or dispute these claims must send a Notice of Dispute or Offer of Discussion within thirty days via Registered mail to the address below.

Failure to do so means that all parties agree that these rights herein claimed are lawfully established and will not be infringed, violated or abrogated in any way.

All parties who have been served proper Notice of this claim and fail to discuss or dispute, and then infringe, violate or abrogate said rights, directly or through their agents, employees or proxies, agree they do so under FULL COMMERCIAL LIABILITY and further agree to pay to me upon my demand a sum certain of One Million Canadian Dollars for every infringement, violation or abrogation.

This Claim of Right is made and served with the intent of bettering my society and myself and, without ill will, malice aforethought, frivolity or vexation.

Claimant: ______________________________

Notary: ________________________________or


WITNESSED__________________________Dated ___________________


WITNESSED__________________________Dated ___________________


WITNESSED__________________________Dated ___________________


Notice of Motorized Conveyance De-Registration

Notice of Conveyance De-Registration

To ___________________________________________
       Minister of Transportation  Name
Street Address________________________________________

Head Office_________________________________________________

CITY of   ____________________, in the province of _________________

P0STAL C0DE  ________________________

Date:  ____________________

I am _______________________ of the family ___________________, a freeman-on-the-land, a flesh and blood living soul of free will. Enclosed with this notice you will find a witnessed and signed copy of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right, which were witnessed, signed, and sent via registered mail to: the Prime Minister of Canada, the Governor General of Canada, the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada, Chief Justice of Canada, the Attorney General for the Province of ____________________, and the Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services. This Claim of Right has not been rebutted and therefore stands as truth in court, and establishes lawful excuse for me to be free of all statutory charges, obligations, restrictions, and limitations. I am serving you this notice so that I may de-register Motor vehicles thereby making them exclusively devices for personal conveyance
and Travel.


I hold my property under a claim of right and;
My automobiles are my property and have VIN’s associated with them and;
I have the right to de-register anything I have that has been registered and;
It is my understanding that you, _______________________, are the Minister of Transportation and;
I may direct you to perform certain tasks, such as Vehicle de-registration and;
There is a motor Vehicle associated with my property which was registered with the
Conveyances VIN #:  ________________________________________ and;
The other motor vehicle associated with my property which was registered with the
Conveyances VIN #:  ________________________________________ and;
I now wish to de-register said Vehicles and;
I now direct you to immediately de-register said Vehicles and;
If you do not respond or dispute or make counterclaims (any of which shall be under
Oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and registered at
the location herein provided to be recognized as valid) within ten (10) days after service
of this notice, I will consider the task performed and completed;

Directions to Verifiers
Affected parties wishing to dispute or make their own counterclaims must respond appropriately within ten (10) DAYS of service of notice. Responses must be under oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and registered at the location herein provided no later than ten days from the date of original service as attested to by way of certificate of service.

The use of notary below is for identification only, and such use does NOT grant any jurisdiction    to anyone.

Date Verified  ____________________

______________________of the Family_______________________  All rights reserved
Contact Address________________________________________ 
Postal Code _________________
In verification to the above

Witness: _____________________________ date:__________________

Witness: _____________________________ date:__________________

Witness: _____________________________ date:__________________

For:Reference information only
Head Office Inquiries:  (902) 424-2297
Head Office:  Johnston Building 1672 Granville St.

P.S. Remember that a vehicle is commercial, which means you use it to make money. also a passenger is someone that is paying you to take them somewhere .Driving means you are making money as a driver,such as delivery,moving something for money or pay.


You do not have a vehicle,YOU have a automobile-conveyance and You are not Driving You are Travelling and remember you never carry passengers only GUESTS.  


------ vehicle ------driving -----passenger -- these are the twisted words they use to put you in a

position of commercial responsibility,which requires to have papers of liability.