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The Story of Your Person: The Corporate Entity

Posted by BOB R on December 16, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Person: -Corporate Entity -a Fictitious Entity Placed on every new born infant as a Birth Certificate which also gives ownership of the new born infant ( body and soul ) to the Corporation of Canada. putting the new born child in debt to that Fictitious Person a Corporate Entity which then borrows under line of credit, then those borrowed funds are invested in stocks and bonds then put on the Stock Exchange and Traded. the amount borrowed could be up to $1,000,000 As the Corporation of Canada is Bankrupt and in perpetual debt to its creditors, it promises to give all revenue such as taxes and whatever is made off that new born infant during its entire life, a life of debt and charges and all the money made from the stock exchange is used to pay whatever costs the Corporation of Canada may incur as operating costs such as payments to the Provinces or municipalities but remember that a good proportion is made off the all the Birth Certificates and I have doughts that very few are ever paid off,which is why the Country of Canada also known as The Corporation of Canada is always in perpetual debt. So now you know how you have a Person a Corporate Entity in which you are perpetually in debt to ,why you pay Taxes on everything under the sun from wages to fishing license etc to all the permits you have to pay for then there is taxes on everything you own the cars,boats,house.cottage,land,or any service they may provide you such as garbage,sewage,water. all taxed. fuel,oil,sales tax.on merchandise and disposal taxes on electronic gear,tires etc.they have a tax on everything you have, you do,may want to do, your pets,then there is alcohol,cigarettes,gambling,sure you think that they do not tax gambling but think of this, you may win a $100-$1000 and they do not ask for a tax, or claim it,if you think about how much money you gambled to win that money you probably spent 800 to win a 100 or 5000 to win a 1000 ,you see you already paid your taxes.Think about it they have a tax or charge to go with everything and anything you do,want,need to live , or enjoy life .As a last thought on the Person: -Corporate Entity -your Fictitious Person- Entity . They state that you get to enjoy the benefits that comes along with being a citizen of Canada - Corporation of Canada. Well if you add up all the taxes,charges as described above,Fees,sale tax and every hidden tax they are not telling you they got,you will have paid for them ten times over. They are a Corporation their job is to make money for their stock holders and debtors and since giving you anything for free is not making money,Well welcome to the real World of The Corporate Government and their money lending Masters who probably do not even live or are part of our Country but they OWN you and everything around you.All Thanks to the last 80 years of mismanagement,payoffs,bribes, and what ever it took to turn our Government of Canada into ,cheating,conniving,goofs, and Politicians so happy to go along with a corrupt setup that in many ways enslaves,subjugates, controls, the very people they swear to protect and best of all you are not worth anything but the taxes and the charges,fees they get out of you during your life.and the only thing that has value and is not in debt is your PERSON ,your Straw Man, your Corporate Fictitious Entity that is being traded on stock exchanges world wide since the day you were born.....

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Reply Philip
8:23 AM on July 2, 2013 
Until such time that all are born into ,and recognized through" Common Law"and not "Admiralty Law" we will continue to be demonized the powers that be.
Reply bryan of the family of fraser
11:28 PM on February 24, 2015 
do you know what a match is? well I guess your afraid of using it, well don't worry so are millions of Canadians. peoples of Canada, not real humans of Canada. I am ready to burn sand burn everything around me to make this country a country not a corporation. take your fucking pick pepsi/coke/Walmart which corporation do you live and work for, meaning that is who will rule you and give you food and life, don't stop there they will control your meds/food/travel and eventually family and how you/we are born. THIS IS MY FUCKING LAND/RESOURCES/DESCISIONS/WAY OF LIFE AND IM SICK OF THOSE PEOPLE/HUMANS/SHEEPALE GIVING IT ALL AWAY, NAND QUIETLY BITCHING ABOUT IT.


P.S. straighten the hell up